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Juvenile Law/Parent's Rights

Dependency occurs when the State interferes between parents and their children. One of the focal points of our practice is defending parents against the Department of Human Services. While DHS has an important mission to protect children from abuse, they often step over the line or see abuse where there... <p><div class="Read More"><a href="">Read More...</a></div></p>

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Criminal Law

<strong>Aggressive Defense of the Criminally Accused </strong> We are an experienced, aggressive criminal defense firm with more than 28 years of trial experience. Mike can walk you through the process with advice before you are charged. He believes "If the police want to talk to you, you don't want to talk to them"... <p><div class="Read More"><a href="">Read More...</a></div></p>

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Family Law

We strive to minimize the stress of changing family structures, and to reach fair and equitable solutions as quickly as possible. We can assist you with Divorce, Separation, Annulment, Paternity, Adoption, Prenuptial Agreements, Child Support and many more family law legal issues...<p><div class="Read More"><a href="">Read More...</a></div></p>