Family Law

We strive to minimize the stress of changing family structures, and to reach fair and equitable solutions as quickly as possible.

We can assist you in the following areas of family law:

✔ Divorce, Separation, Annulmentbigstock-close-up-of-womans-cupped-hand-45689725

✔ Adoption

✔ Paternity

✔ Guardianship

✔ Pre-Nuptial Agreement

✔ Child Support

✔ Post Judgment Modifications


We provide legal representation for people through the emotional and financial hardships whether divorce, separation or annulment. We work to ensure real and personal property divisions, child and spousal support arrangements, and parenting times are equitable. Our experience can make the difference in the direction your family proceeds during this difficult time, and the stress your family may endure.

Child Support

The financial support of a child can be difficult yet it is critical to a child’s well being. We can assist you in ascertaining what the court will regulate and obtaining that support.

Parenting Time


Establishing, modifying or enforcing parenting time is done at the time of separation of the parents, their dissolution of marriage, or even throughout the child’s growing years.  We work quickly to create an atmosphere that benefits the child and provides stability during times of family change.


Have you been served documents of child support but are unsure of your legal rights to support a child that may not be biologically yours? Would you like to be more involved in raising your child, but are unsure of your paternity? We will assist you in establishing paternity, then work diligently to ensure the courts decision is based on legal precedent.

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