money trouble older coupleThe loss of a loved family member can be difficult and is often painful. Mikel has been offering wills, powers of attorney and probate services to our clients who do not have a taxable estate for over 15 years. He realizes the importance of keeping probate costs down so his clients can save money for family and lifestyle changes that may happen with the death of a loved one. Our staff is available to answer your questions, complete all documents, and see that all of the court’s requirements are met. We believe in keeping your costs and stress to a minimum while providing your family prompt and professional probate service.

If you have a taxable estate in the Central Oregon area we would be happy to recommend an attorney for you.


No one wants to contemplate their death, but it is important to be prepared for illness or death so that your family has the structure they need to carry out your wishes. We provide wills, powers of attorney, and advanced directives. These documents provide your family and state with proper directions so that your vision for your health treatment preferences and property bequeathment is fulfilled.

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