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Defending families from government intervention is an important part of what we do.

We work hard to keep DHS from tearing families apart.

We work hard to get DHS out of your life once they have intruded.

And we are willing to sue DHS when they have unreasonably  harmed a family.

Our most recent case in which some progress was gained in the effort to defend parents’ rights is Greene v Camreta. We represented members of the Greene family, of Bend, Oregon, in a lawsuit against Oregon DHS caseworker Bob Camreta. The issue we raised was whether the child protective services investigator and a police officer violated a minor’s Fourth amendment rights when they conducted a two hour long custodial interrogation of a 9 year old at her school building, to determine if she was the victim of paternal child abuse, without a warrant or court order, without exigent circumstances, and without the consent of either parent.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco agreed with our position the Greene’s had been harmed. The State of Oregon appealed that decision and the case was taken up by the U.S. Supreme Court. Our office associated with the New York City firm of Lansner, Kubitschek and Schaffer of New York City, and Ms Carolyn Kubitschek took the lead in arguing the matter before the court on… Unfortunately, the court took the opportunity to make a new rule about why they did not have to hear the case and vacated the 9th Circuit court’s decision.

To read the Court’s decisions please consider following these links:

NinthCircuit SupremeCourt

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